Starting up SigmaForums – again

A few years back, I created a forums app called SigmaForums.  It had a single cfc about 1000 lines long that held all its functionality (details can be viewed here and source here).  Unfortunately, the finished project was lost in a hard drive crash on my development machine and I was too disheartened to finish it again from the incomplete backup.

While putting live, I started learning ColdBox and its goodness and fun, so here we are now, I’m starting the project back up again but this time I’m writing it as a ColdBox module.  This way it will be extendable, very much unlike the previous app was.  At the same time, I’m writing a lot of the features as ColdBox plugins like Ratings and etc.

Currently, the first public release is about 75% done.  And for its first release, it will require Dan Vega’s Solitary module for user management, though this will probably change not much later.  Development source of the new SigmaForums can be view here.

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