SigmaForums Update

Its nearly done, the model, service, and handler fucntions are all in place.  The only thing left is to skin it out and write the client side gui stuffs which is never fun.
Really, this project is taking longer then I thought since I’m having to learn ColdBox on the fly and its ever-changing 3.x codebase and documentation.

Things that are implemented:

Most of the basic stuff you’d expect to find, Area > Section > Topic > Reply hierarchy, last post info, views per area, section, and topic, reply count for all three as well.
Avatars, extra user info, etc.
Personalized Topic Status’s (have i viewed this topic already, is it old, did I post in it, have there been new replies since I view it, etc)
Reletive Posted Time (everything stored with the servers timezone, but counted +/- by a users timezone for display)
Post Ratings and User Reputation (users can rate a reply either +1 or -1, and this is aggregated by user X has a collective post rating of Y)

To reiterate, all I’m trying to do is re-create this forum I made here into a ColdBox module.
Just a reminder, dev source is here:

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