SigmaForums – Dev Live

Figured its stable enough to put up for public viewing, remember this is still using Dan Vega’s Solitary module so the default users and passwords are being used (again, plan to do something different later).  For now, defaults are admin/password and coolauthor/password

I hate, really hate, doing design stuffs, working with css and all that jazz.  It’s “pretty enough” as is, Whats left is a couple more touch-ups, put in validation, subscriptions, and something else minor I forget exactly what, but have fun breaking the app for now.

By the way, any want to help me with making it look nice?  The whole design is horrid, and the CSS is scary to look at.  Though, have to commend ColdBox, it makes changing out views so much easier.

Oh, and if the link is broken, it might be an unresolved DNS lookup or.. who knows.

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