Mike Henke’s CFML-in-100-minutes

If you haven’t heard of Mike Henke’s CFML-in-100-minutes, go and check it out now.  It’s really a great tutorial that everyone should be contributing to.

Last week he announced a very generous contest to Contribute & Win a chance for Object-Oriented Programming, which is how I first heard of the project.  First, Pete Freitag won the drawing, but decided to decline and let someone else have a chance, then somehow the universe aligned and I won the drawing, and even though it looks like a great read, I’m not very big on books, so I felt like it would go to waste on me.  So I asked Mike to do the redraw again.  (Hot Potato, anyone?)  😛

You can check my github account for the commits I made to the project here.  As for YOU, person reading this entry, head on over to the CFML-in-100-minutes project and contribute!  It can be fixing spelling or grammar mistakes, correcting syntax errors, or if Mike OK’s it, even adding content you think would be beneficial, so go check it out.

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