How I Got Started in ColdFusion

Following lead from Steve Bryant’s post, I figured I should post my story as well, though it’s not as interesting as others start, at all.

While I was in high school, my friend’s uncle was looking for someone to do some basic grunt work using some software called Web Position Gold (SEO zzzz), it was just “Read what’s in the manual and do it”.  It was surprisingly easy and it worked, and in that course of action I had to modify the existing files on the webserver, which was running ColdFusion 4.5.

At this point, I was really familiar with HTML but haven’t yet come across web programming, I was looking at all these <cf> tags, # signs, and thinking “How the hell does this make a website!?”.  I got curious, and while I was still working, doing the SEO junk, I started messing around with a test file on the server.  After just a few weeks, their current web developer just up and left, and my friend’s uncle went nuts.  I told him I was learning CF, and being a cocky young guy, told him I could do his job no problem (which honestly wasn’t a lie, CF was and still is super easy).  I had a blast working there for a few years until the business shut down, I learned so much.  Configuring an ODBC driver on a HPUX inventory system (eww), writing DNS management software in CF, creating a webmail interface (this was hard back in the day).  It was all a great experience.

Since then, I’ve been doing ColdFusion development and there hasn’t been a day where I haven’t loved it.

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