Flot is awesome

I’ve read about it and heard people talking about it, and since cfchart must be the most annoying cftag I’ve ever dealt with, yesterday I tried flot out for something I’ve been logging for a while.

Before anyone questions this; The temperature and fan speed information come from a free program called SpeedFan.  I actually haven’t found a simpler solution, for free, for windows, to read this information reliably and as fast.  SpeedFan writes these values to a daily log every second, which a directory watcher event gateway monitors, parses, and sends it to my status tracker for storage.

So, back on topic.  At first, it was a real head bender to turn a normal query into something presentable to flot, but once that is figured out its a piece of cake.  Telling flot you wanted to chart time data is as easy as specifying one of the axis as mode:”time”.  The end result is something easy to read if your not too crazy on the date ranges and tolerances: http://statustracker.sigmaprojects.org/speedfan/

As with almost everything, source is here.

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