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Classic Junk on iOS with Ionic 2

People have asked for ClassicJunk on iOS for a while now, but I never really bothered because of time constraints, and of course the $100 entry fee to just get started. Well, I had some free time recently and needed a …

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Migration to WordPress Complete

Just migrated my blog to wordpress – actually using the ‘WordPress Appliance’ from  Didn’t come without a hiccup or two, especially when I tried to migrate the database to another server and change the table prefix. Now I just …

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Natural Language Date Parser updated

Just wanted to note a small update to CF-NLDate Added support for strings like “last march”, “a few days ago”, “a couple weeks ago”, etc. *Edit* Also, included a test.cfm page showing example strings.

Natural Language Date Parser

Came across a situation where I needed to parse strings as dates, string likes “yesterday” “last week” and so on. First thought was to find an existing CF method for this, didn’t exist.  Next was to find a Java class… …

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Our server has finally been built.

It took a long time, it came with a few hiccups, it also came with a couple injuries.  But it’s finally finished, our new VM host.

New Server Build

We finally decided on a parts list and ordered everything for our new small server

Starting up SigmaForums – again

A few years back, I created a forums app called SigmaForums.  It had a single cfc about 1000 lines long that held all its functionality (details can be viewed here and source here).  Unfortunately, the finished project was lost in …

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