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Integrating Railo WebSocket Gateway in ColdBox

Just a quick demo application for anyone looking to do the same: ForgeBox entry here:

cfGimpy Update

Following up on my previous post Update to my Natural Language Date Parser I incorporated these changes into the Reminder Command of a CF bot (cfGimpy) I’ve been using for a few years. Now I (or anyone, really) can just …

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Update to my Natural Language Date Parser

I added in partial support for future dates, like “In an hour” “In 30 minutes” “In 3 days”. Obviously the qualifier for future dates is starting the string with “in”. There is a slight issue I may fix in the …

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Automatic indexing of CB event handlers

Just wanted to share some code that will loop all the registered event handlers of a ColdBox application. This function is called every time a fwreinit is received and pass all the events to my security model so they can …

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2 Super basic entities for image info, width, height, size, color model and such, over at Below is is a simple demo – 1: Get the file info 2: get the image info 3: Blend 4: Throw 5: Done

Example Flickr API with oAuth in ColdFusion

Just thought I would share how I implemented a (for now) a very simple Flickr API in ColdFusion, using the oAuth library from

Natural Language Date Parser updated

Just wanted to note a small update to CF-NLDate Added support for strings like “last march”, “a few days ago”, “a couple weeks ago”, etc. *Edit* Also, included a test.cfm page showing example strings.

Natural Language Date Parser

Came across a situation where I needed to parse strings as dates, string likes “yesterday” “last week” and so on. First thought was to find an existing CF method for this, didn’t exist.  Next was to find a Java class… …

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BaseORMService – Hibernate Criteria for “property not in”

Just a little note for anyone else interested. To filter properties that are *not* in an array (i.e. don’t select from entity if foo is in bar) this is how its done in hibernate: And because ColdBox’s BaseORMService just proxies …

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Talk Bubbles in CSS

Had to come up with some sort of chat / talk bubbles for messages back & forth.  This isn’t a new idea, I’ve seen this style around quite a bit but never paid much attention to it.   My most recent …

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