Beaglebone Black and NodeJS

Recently got a BeagleBone Black to mess around with and decided to use it as a backup machine.

The first step, before paint and cover.

The first step, before paint and cover.

After cover and paint.

After cover and paint.

AJ designed and printed the case for it. Turned out Really nice, very compact and strong. More info will be released on when it’s ready for public distro.

Now, I know the follow could have easily been done in a few bash scripts, but I decided to learn and implement it in NodeJS.

The main concept is simple:

  1. Connect to a data store that contains Git repos and MySQL servers
  2. List the entries
  3. Backup it all to the Beaglebone Black MicroSD card

After a day the end result is pretty nice, it just works. I decided to put it up at GitHub, but please forgive me if there are issues, it was my first time using nodejs.

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