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Classic Junk on iOS with Ionic 2

People have asked for ClassicJunk on iOS for a while now, but I never really bothered because of time constraints, and of course the $100 entry fee to just get started. Well, I had some free time recently and needed a …

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ClassicJunk Update!

Discovered the other day ClassicJunk app surpassed 700 downloads.  I didn’t think it was even that popular, and I wasn’t even sure it still worked. To keep the users happy, I updated the app a bit to make sure it …

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ClassicJunk update

I got a new phone and decided to finally update my ClassicJunk app to take advantage of more modern navigation elements.  Also refactored to use an anonymous deviceId instead of relying solely on the GCM regId. As usual, client code …

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Integrating Railo WebSocket Gateway in ColdBox

Just a quick demo application for anyone looking to do the same: ForgeBox entry here:

Persisting conntrack table to MySQL on OpenWRT

I needed a way to persist the conntrack table on an OpenWRT based router, so I made this quick & dirty script. This uses the included library to get the conntrack table and LuaSQL (MySQL in this instance) to …

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ClassicJunk Android app source

As I planned yesterday, I put the client source up on GitHub:

ClassicJunk Android app

Since I had barely any experience with the Android platform, and just a working knowledge of Java, I decided to release an app called ClassicJunk as a learning experience. The idea is simple: Get alerted when a particular make/model/year car …

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cfGimpy Update

Following up on my previous post Update to my Natural Language Date Parser I incorporated these changes into the Reminder Command of a CF bot (cfGimpy) I’ve been using for a few years. Now I (or anyone, really) can just …

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Update to my Natural Language Date Parser

I added in partial support for future dates, like “In an hour” “In 30 minutes” “In 3 days”. Obviously the qualifier for future dates is starting the string with “in”. There is a slight issue I may fix in the …

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Beaglebone Black and NodeJS

Recently got a BeagleBone Black to mess around with and decided to use it as a backup machine. AJ designed and printed the case for it. Turned out Really nice, very compact and strong. More info will be released on …

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