Monthly Archives: September 2011

Talk Bubbles in CSS

Had to come up with some sort of chat / talk bubbles for messages back & forth.  This isn’t a new idea, I’ve seen this style around quite a bit but never paid much attention to it.   My most recent …

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New Server Build

We finally decided on a parts list and ordered everything for our new small server

Hibernate Criteria Queries are your friend

I was working on a project where I needed to do a search feature, I then remembered seeing this in the ColdBox docs… Wasn’t sure exactly what it was, but it looked cool, so I gave it a try, and …

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Full Hibernate class names for ormtype property

Figured I would share a little tidbit I found the other day.  While working with a MySQL database, I kept having to define boolean property types as ormtype=int in my cfc’s, then later changing the column in the database to …

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