Monthly Archives: July 2011

Redmine API with ColdFusion

A project I’m working on required a quick & easy way to add users to Redmine through the API, at first I thought it would be pretty simple, which it was, but it did give me a little headache. From …

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Mike Henke’s CFML-in-100-minutes

If you haven’t heard of Mike Henke’s CFML-in-100-minutes, go and check it out now.  It’s really a great tutorial that everyone should be contributing to. Last week he announced a very generous contest to Contribute & Win a chance for …

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Flot is awesome

I’ve read about it and heard people talking about it, and since cfchart must be the most annoying cftag I’ve ever dealt with, yesterday I tried flot out for something I’ve been logging for a while. Before anyone questions this; …

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