Monthly Archives: June 2011


Had some downtime last night and today, as I was building new OpenWrt firmware images for my router. I heard that extroot was finally working in trunk (and not that annoying overlay system either). While yes, extroot mounted as the …

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Ant4CF == Timesaver

I do a lot of development work, and a lot of the time-eating aspect of it used to be managing code (commiting, exporting, pushing to staging, production, etc), it was really an annoyance. Thankfully a few people from #coldfusion let …

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CFZip Doesn’t support gz!?

While working on a personal project dealing with ipblock lists, it came time to cfhttp download a compressed (gz) file, figured I could just decrompress it with cfzip, but lo and behold, ACF doesn’t support it.  (Though, I heard ralio …

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VPN Hooray!

A happier update to my previous VPN horror, with a lot of help from krzie and Bushmills on the #openvpn channel, they were able to track down the issue. As it turns out, an entry in my ccd client, iroute …

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