ClassicJunk Android app source

As I planned yesterday, I put the client source up on GitHub:

ClassicJunk Android app

Since I had barely any experience with the Android platform, and just a working knowledge of Java, I decided to release an app called ClassicJunk as a learning experience. The idea is simple: Get alerted when a particular make/model/year car …

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cfGimpy Update

Following up on my previous post Update to my Natural Language Date Parser I incorporated these changes into the Reminder Command of a CF bot (cfGimpy) I’ve been using for a few years. Now I (or anyone, really) can just …

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Update to my Natural Language Date Parser

I added in partial support for future dates, like “In an hour” “In 30 minutes” “In 3 days”. Obviously the qualifier for future dates is starting the string with “in”. There is a slight issue I may fix in the …

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Beaglebone Black and NodeJS

Recently got a BeagleBone Black to mess around with and decided to use it as a backup machine. AJ designed and printed the case for it. Turned out Really nice, very compact and strong. More info will be released on …

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Automatic indexing of CB event handlers

Just wanted to share some code that will loop all the registered event handlers of a ColdBox application. This function is called every time a fwreinit is received and pass all the events to my security model so they can …

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2 Super basic entities for image info, width, height, size, color model and such, over at Below is is a simple demo – 1: Get the file info 2: get the image info 3: Blend 4: Throw 5: Done

Example Flickr API with oAuth in ColdFusion

Just thought I would share how I implemented a (for now) a very simple Flickr API in ColdFusion, using the oAuth library from

Migration to WordPress Complete

Just migrated my blog to wordpress – actually using the ‘WordPress Appliance’ from  Didn’t come without a hiccup or two, especially when I tried to migrate the database to another server and change the table prefix. Now I just …

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Natural Language Date Parser updated

Just wanted to note a small update to CF-NLDate Added support for strings like “last march”, “a few days ago”, “a couple weeks ago”, etc. *Edit* Also, included a test.cfm page showing example strings.

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